Our company will represent our customers before the related authorities in administrative and legal matters and handle conflicts and their solution. We provide the necessary assistance in arbitration proceedings.

We will also provide assistance in all stages of insolvency proceedings, advising on different options available in order to safeguard our clients’ interests


  • Advice and representation in civil, commercial and administrative competition.  
  • Advice and representation in proceedings before public and legal entities. 
  • Advice and representation in preventing potential litigations. 
  • Advice and representation in termination of contractual relations and litigation.
  • Management and resolution of disputes through alternative conflict resolution mechanisms, such as conciliation and mediation, among others.
  • Review of litigation in due diligence proceedings 


  • Advice and representation in national arbitration proceedings.
  • Preparation of arbitration agreements according to the specific conditions of the business.
  • Analysis of convenience and legality of arbitration agreements.

Insolvency and Restructuration

  • Advice and representation in insolvency proceedings, both as debtors and as creditors.
  • Review and advice in the constitution of guarantees.
  • Strategic advice on business with companies in insolvency proceedings.

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